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Re: Dems are disgusting


As my son says, if you think you’re having a bad day, just remember, there is a mr pelosi.
BTW they can have Mitt Romney too

one of my non cable tv ventures is a gun retailer. Thus I have access to fact and information that is not readly available to the  general public. Believe me as with most federal laws, they get it wrong. Most armed crimes are committed with stolen guns. A few years back when Bidon was VP and Eric Holder was AG.  It was made aware to both of them that it is a federal offense falsifying the background check paperwork. That said 1000s of felons lied about being felons on the form. But Bidon said they werent worried about that. They were more concerned about more restrictive gun control.  What BS we don’t need more laws, just enforce the ones already on the books.  I don’t understand why the dems are so anti gun.  First it’s unconstitutional and unAmerican.  Remember Without the 2nd there will be no 1st. 

sorry you got me going. 

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