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Re: National on Demand

D MN that's not even a decent Inhouse price. Someone is trying to keep too much of the money. Don't believe that story that they bid it too low , I've always thought that was a bs. story. But hey guys keep working for less and less and it will keep getting that way. YOU have to make a living and screw ANY one that gives you a price where you . And as said they live these people that know nothing about the business because they will work cheap.

Also keep this in mind.... All this fiber work isn't like the coax work you did since t he 70's. You know where you got to upgrade it every 10 years or rebuild it every 25 years.  It shouldn't need anything except maintenance,restoration, and the occasional extension. So work yourself to death on these sorry prices now TRYING to make a living.  Contractors have done it ti themselves and each other by constantly getting cheaper. Good luck

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