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Re: Hey Gary

Ok, so it would not let me paste the link. Just go to YouTube and type in Sam Gipp, and the one titled, “What’s The Big Deal About The KJV?” There are 7 short clips, but he is spot on. There is a lot more information out there on it, but you can follow Sam Gipp’s information out, and find truth in it. There are a lot of folks throw stuff out there, but when you research it out, you find error or just complete nonsense. Hope it can be a help to you. I have seen God work some great things out that just left me in total amazement, and your situation is not too big for Him. Prayer, and reading His word, does wonders, if your heart is right. You handled cable for 41 years, you can handle this! I speak from experience. I climbed poles with a chemo pump attached to me more than once. I actually messed up and pulled the connection from the tube from my port to the tube for the poison, apart, put it back together, taped it with electrical tape and kept on cutting. Worked fine. They thought I was crazy when I went to have it removed after the 48 hour cycle, but I was fine. God was very good to me through that 6 months of hell, and He can do wonders for you too, IF you will just let Him. Jesus said that He would in no wise cast out any that come to Him. You knew me when I was at my worst, so if He can change me, He can change anyone. I was saved in 2007, and went through the cancer battle the end of 2017, and 6 months on 2018, so salvation did not come to me because I was scared or down and out. It actually started when my brother in-law invited us to church. Sorry for carrying on, but I can’t help it when it comes to the Lord. Many probably think I have lost it or have went overboard, but my life has never been so full of joy and peace, the same joy and peace you can have through your fight. 

Gary Vest
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