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Re: Hey Gary

Will pray for you. It is very difficult to get SSD. Takes a while. They say they deny 95% of claims the first time around. My wife fought it for about 5 years, and finally lost it. Unbelievable. There is no way she can hold down a job with her issues, but I think they see she is married, with a husband that works and provides insurance, so they shot her down. That’s ok, the Lord has provided well, and we are very blessed. I am going to send you a link to some short videos on different translations of The Bible. I went to Bible college for three years, just so I could settle in my heart whether it was the divinely inspired word of God, which I definitely did do, and during that time, studied translations, their origins, agendas, and manuscripts they were translated from, and I firmly believe you have to very careful what you use. Many translations are more of a perversion than a translation, with an attempt to promote a doctrine, that is why it is very important to search for truth and pray for discernment. Check them out, and ponder it. I will certainly add you to my daily prayers. Not that I am special by any means, but there is power in prayer. I got saved in 2007, and my life has never been the same. Haven’t had a drink, a drug, or any of the other vices I had since, and I attribute that to God revealing Himself to me through His word, not religion, but His word. So, I believe it is very important to settle in your heart whether you believe His word is true. Check it out. 

Gary Vest
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