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Re: Looking for rear axle

 I thought some of the smaller machines had diffs that looked like dana 44's Some of the golf carts and utility vehicles kind of looked like small Dana's. And some were Dana's. Can your rear end not be fixed? And how expensive is another? There are numbers of people that can rebuild or completely build your rear I would think.

There a place in Fla that will build you a rear axle to make your truck 6x6 it goes in front of your existing axle . it's a pass thru like a semi truck and it has a yoke that comes out the rear of the housing. Then you move your axle back.  Not relevant to this discussion just saying there is a way around your problem reasonably I'm sure, if there isn't a better solution you can find.  Differentials are as common to them as coax and fiber to us. Good luck

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