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Re: Alaska Prime

I had a company operating there back in 1979-1980, Office/job  in Wasilla and job in Fairbanks.  Was doing UG telephone/ and repairing telephone sets, as with some tel co splicing.   It just was too far away to manage, found out my Foreman was using our equipment on w/ends and doing UG on the side.  Working in Alaska is all about who you know...when I'd go to meeting with our customer...I'd carry them hunting knifes and such outdoor gifts.  Been on many a fishing trip with them, flying back into unknown lakes.  It was great but we sold everything, moved operations to Portland/LA/Phoenix on West Coast and others on East Coast.

Good Luck with your's just too long ago for me to help the way our office/whs was close to Gov then sarah Palin.

MicroMan:  I winter months we did not have to pay our loan as the bank as all equipment was parked


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