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Re: AC/RF to power port on new node

We used to do it sometimes back in late 90s. And the rf did cause issues being plugged into node. Think the techs said it caused ghosting when you bucked rf. And think they also had different channel lineups I. The new node verse the old but I maybe wrong.  I was a splicer not a sweeper then ,so i did what I was told. I do know that if We ever left one bucking rf unless it was a super long spacing someone went back due to service calls. We usually just pulled the pad for that leg and left fwd unterminated . I think we should be put a really large pad in that leg.

We usually did our turnaround side first. Back then unterminated fwd wasn't that big of a deal we were going from 330,450,550 to 750 mghtz.and most of the reverse wasn't working until after we were done.

Some of the nodes actually had a leg that could be used as a pi , and they wouldn't pass signal on that leg #2 if I remember right. 

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