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Re: On Demand

I worked as a Supervisor for National on Demand for a brief six months at most. They seemed to have it together with their installation dept. but as far as MDU and Construction goes the most unorganized bunch in the industry.  So called Regional Construction Manager over me had no experience dealing with big MSO such as a Spectrum, Cox, Comcast. etc. 

Told me he had only worked small "mom and pop" systems before.  They didn't know how to bill the customer for work completed. Just a total nightmare.  They offered subs and supervisors sign on bonuses which they did honor to get aboard.  Just to board a  sinking ship. I tried to communicate my concerns with corporate about my situation. Multiple emails, phone calls no reply no answer.

An installation company poorly attempting to get into construction with inadequate limited knowledge of industry.

The MDU supervisor at location i was employed and the main subcontractor working for them did not know how to use a coring tool or splice coax.  I was constantly getting calls to babysit and splice for them. "I need you to be over at >>>>>to help me put a pin to f connector in a node"  How do you become an MDU Manager or Regional Construction Manager and not know how to perform basic tasks such as this.?  

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