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Re: Aurora OA4114-45 node DR3002 optical receiver

I know that this is a little late but I am replying for the benefit of others just reading the post.

From your description of the node it is segmented into four forward segments, so I am assuming that it is also segmented into four segments in the reverse. You did not specify what the reverse configuration was as far as transceivers and segmentation module.

Regardless, the input into the transceiver module should be 8 dBmv, -12 dBmv with no TP compensation. (Using a CW carrier).

 Assuming an input to the RF tray of 18 dBmv (injection level 38 dBmv typical) you would need to attenuate the return inputs on the tray with 12 dB pads if your return segmentation module begins with RS40**. If that module begins with RS42**, then you would install 8 dB pads at the return inputs.

Once you verify the input to the transceivers, you can have the HE verify 36 dBmv out of the DR3002. At this point peg your return reference.

This assumes a return input to the node of 18 dBmv. If the designed input is lower or higher, adjust the return pads accordingly, so that the end result is an 8 dBmv input to the transceiver module.

Hope this helped


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