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Re: Fiber splicer pay

Regardless of how you figure it is fine. I always compared it to hours put in for the money I made.

I have seen where some companies give you a splice price (and it was LOW.)b about 1/3 what it should be. But they "based on"a expected number of splices per hour. The total number per hour looked decent as a hourly wage but low compared to what a fiber splicers would make. But its not like you do splicing the whole time. Alot of the work I used to do had very little splicing but alot of setup time and prep time  and sometimes getting continuity to the customer could be a good bit extra work.

So if you are scheduled for a nightcut  to ringcut  a 144 or 288 to tie in a mux and you get 3 splices total there. 1 to the mux and 2 to the business and the next day you come back to turn on the business 2 more splices and  a prep.  These companies want preps, muxes,  as well as taking down a storage and putting it back up also free, I mean composite.

Would you do this work strictly for units?   Since all this is scheduled it's not like to you can get ahead and do several jobs you are limited to your night cut schedule and the businesses schedule to do the inside. And there is not really much production  and most of the billable items are now free. Could or would you do this without some hours to go along with it and make a profit? Just curious I maybe looking at it wrong, and there was alot of money to be made.

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