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Re: Owners, quick W/C ?? for you :(

 Claims frivilous, as well as legitimate cases  with crooks on either or both sides have created this problem .  Ins is mostly a scam . But we have to have it in this sue happy world, made up these crazy,  astronomical numbers that can be associated with a claim , or a medical procedure. Wasn't it worth around 12 million for someone spilling coffee on THEIRSELF,  all because the cup didn't have a warning on it.  Really!?!  Isn't coffee supposed to be hot , atleast back then it was. It's called greed where sensationalist, and capitalist sharks and crooks go after deep pockets .   When a ins company can settle for 30% of a claim is that real or a scam? I'm not sure, but something doesn't seem honest for sure. One side if not both side is trying cheat the other, instead of just being fair and honest. It sucks, but all of us will probably be stuck wasting  money on various types of needless  ins. All of our lives .Common sense and honesty are missing anymore.

With the prices I have seen here locally, you absolutely have not missed anything in the fiber splicing. Probably not much different there.

Preps, muxes, storages, pigtails, nodes,maintenance window.etc etc FREE now with a 30% reduction in splice price too fom what I got just a few years ago( or atleast on the last job I did on a bau job.)    That "bau work" turned a 900 job to less than 500, and everything has to be on someone's schedule.   From what I've heard from some contractor buddies they want schedule , or decide exactly when almost any work is done. You get a pole transfer or a small splicing job its got to be done right then and so on. We used to be to " route" ourselves so we get more done.  No money and seemingly no freedom anymore.

Good luck to you

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