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Re: Owners, quick W/C ?? for you :(

In 31 years I have never been an employee of my own corporation, have always been exempt, and have never had an issue until now.

I still don't grasp why every damn level has to have the same insurance.

Obviously Comcast doesn't want to be sued, since I'm told they are self insured??

The prime has all the insurances possibly needed.

I'm incorporated, so why isn't my business liability & auto insurance good enough when I'm not hiring subs or employees.

It covers any damage I do, it covers any accident I cause, it covers any one or thing I drive into!!

Why & the frick do they even give a damn about me losing income if I get hurt.

If a plumber gets hurt fixing a pipe at my house, I'm not responsible for his future income!!!

So now because POS lawyers have been filing frivolous lawsuits like they grow on trees,

us little piss ants have to spend a huge % of our possible income for the opportunity to attempt earning a living.

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