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Re: Owners, quick W/C ?? for you :(

They are on my case again, and I don't want to retire again, I just spent a ton of dough on trucks, trailer, tools, equipment etc etc.

It would be different if every damn level didn't need these insane policy's!!!

Why aren't we all covered under the Primes insurance??

I assume Comcast is self insured, obviously they don't want to pay for us,

they have enough imbeciles doing stupid things they have to eat,

so why isn't the primes insurance good enough. 

If I let someone drive my car, aren't they covered on my insurance if they crash!!

If a neighbor comes to visit and falls down the stairs, they are covered on my insurance.

This BS is really pissing me off, paying a huge chunk of our income, when every level has full coverage,

and making zero claims gets you nothing.


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Re: Owners, quick W/C ?? for you :( skidmark167 12/13/2019 7:16:03 AM