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Re: Fiber Splicing Bid

Everyone's post is good advice for a new entry into this industry...HOWEVER (and there is always a However when dealing in this trade).  It doesn't matter what you bid, it's what is the customer willing to pay.  Sure you can toss out a number but it depends if your customer wants to work with you or not.  If to high he/she can ask you to re look at your price, if to low he/she will see that there is not enough profits to be made, therefore you won't be able to buy them lunch, give them gifts, give them week end trips to a beach house, buy them a  motorcycle, maybe a gun or any of the big boy toys.  So if you know who you are dealing upfront let them know your take care of them "If you get the job at a price that you can make a profit"  No one needs to keep working for nothing, if you have the years of experience, paid your so called dues, then you need profitable work..  In this a Prime, -it's all about who you know !!!!   Good Luck...Keep Safe;  MicroMan

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