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Re: Fiber Splicing Bid

The only way to answer your question is to look at the job first. Then know what your  expenses are and know where your profit margin needs to be.   Your expenses must include everything and I mean everything!  Here is a partial list to get you started (finish the list with your particular needs), it is in no particular order; payroll, payroll taxes, worker’s compensation, general liability, FUTA, SUTA, annual filing fees, state contracting license fees, fuel, DOT inspections, Dot filing fees, hotel, mobilizations, accounting,legal, banking fees (interest), equipment purchases, equipment depreciation, support staff, office supplies, advertising, PPE, traffic control, equipment repair, AND some jobs require special permits, background checks, drug testing.  Oh don’t forget down time. Equipment failures, owner running out of work, permits, materials, etc.  And weather delays  


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