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New Tax rules are in effect

Unless you are a 1099 NON-employee, you can no longer take advantage of the many tax write-offs we used to get. It seems that most companies are now wanting "employees" in name, yet want to treat you like a contractor. Who in their right mind takes on a NEW  job in another region or state without the ability to collect per diem/expenses or at least take the write off for the same? Between the government changing up the tax codes and employers that that require employee status,(background check, piss test) it's getting harder to work. I think it's crazy to take on a new job and relocate on simply some "honest" companies promise even if the wage is fair, which it usually isn't, when considering the expenses involved. It leaves the worker with ALL the skin in the game..........just my "valued employee" 2 cents  (LMMFAO)..............Skid

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Re: New Tax rules are in effect EDSTONER 11/8/2019 1:16:05 PM
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