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Re: Race to the bottom

Skidmark I couldn't agree with you more! I think most of us could make a living using the figures you just posted . But of you aren't getting that type work it doesn't matter.  That's probably the same reasoning the cable companies use  in figuring their prices.  But read the entire post I made, some of the cable mso''s are all inclusive pricing.  If you are only able to do 2 splices or even 10 splices and 1 t o 4 free preps in a night and most all billable items have been removed, you can't make make 310 a night much less a hr. It's scheduled work,  In a maintenance window 12 to 6 am. 1 maybe 2 nodes a night. Even if you were able to do 4 nodes and you got a re enter for each it there isn't any money.

  Cases are free now. Putting it in a handhole or ped or rehanging it in the air free.  Putting in a mux of any other splitter  is also free now . Considering everthing is included now with the exception of re enter existing enclosure ,  all is included. The 20/ splice of course goes down the more you do 

I heard a few weeks ago that on a catx fiber to the home the subs weren't getting any of the splice points ,  only the naps and other low paying parts of the splicing.

When the all good money work goes to the in house splicers whether its the mso or prime, they will eventually starve out the subs.

Events are regular prices during the day , you might get 1 hr plus production at night.

Been there done that, Drive 105 miles each way to put a pigtail in a node. 2 splices, a prep, 1 hour billable around 60/HR.  At least we did get paid for a Prep back then. 

Its crazy some of this pricing, even crazier some will go bankrupt trying to do it.

Seems like you are in a place that will let you make a living, that's great. Maybe people should post their prices some . I do think that less 20 a splice when their is only a few , or less than 12 is too low, regardless if there is a fair prep price, but maybe I'm wrong.   Good luck to you.

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