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Re: Race to the bottom

You're good,  Skid mark it didn't offend me at all. I always tried to do my best. I'm glad you said that so I could explain myself, as I don't want to seem conceited or anything.  I love taking a nasty pole and making it trick, splicing coax or doing pole xfers, I've spliced 96cts and rehung enclosure, and been on the road in around 4 hrs . There are probably plenty that can shave a hr maybe 2 hrs off my time.   So theirs lots better or at least faster than me. But I enjoy taking pride in my work, I just can't lose money to do it.  I like many had to evolve and do all parts of this business as needed to survive, I've been on fiber event and did the pole xfer and helped with  construction to get the job done.  As many of you probably are too, I was never too proud to do any part of this industry. With the exception is installs I don't do under houses

.I am too outspoken on this low ball pricing.  Those on the bottom need to make a living.  Workers are ultimately the ones that make it happen . Let them make a living too. There are too many people in their (our) pockets.

Back in the old days the hacks put up with being beat down as they had no choice.  The ethically better craftsmen could leave and easily find another job.  But anymore they are beat down too. Alot I know feel the same way about not cutting corners to make up deficient pricing, but some cut corners and pencil whip where they can to offset deficient prices.  Do what your feel right with. 

Btw we don't wear capes anymore. LMAO

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