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Re: Cheapo Fusion Machines

We have used several $800-2500 machines off eBay or other various sites daily and yes they work surprisingly well. We purchased them to give to new hires or people we couldn’t trust. To use on a table in a dust storm , in the rain. We use them quite a bit , .02 average burn. With burn prices continuously going down I’m not dropping $10k on a machine when $1,000 machine with a warranty does just as good. I bought a $800 machine off eBay and I was screwing around with it and messed it up. Contacted the company , with 2 days had a new one on my door step with the part to fix the broken one which I did so now I have 2 machines for 800. We have FORC’s machine for $2,500 w/3 year warranty and it’s been awesome too. Almost 3500 trouble free burns on it. Go for it man , if nothing else you got a backup or something to take apart and play with. 

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