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Re: Race to the bottom

No problem skidmark. i could see why you would think that. I would have agreed with you 25 years ago, I would've thought I'd been on easy st by now too, or actually a lot sooner...  But if you are honest follow  the rules it doesn't leave lot left over. We got tired of working a bunch of people. And went to working just ourselves mostly.   I am not the best. But I don't take short cuts or sham. I work harder and try harder than most to deliver the best product I can. If I can't do right and make a profit I don't do it.  Not saying I 've always made a profit in everything I did. But I'm not going to sham to try and make a profit. I also don't believe the people that worked for us should be starved for us to have someone to manage and try and make money. But we also worked in the field  everyday too. No regrets on not working people even though equipment is still sitting. I was alot more excited back when I thought I was making money, who wouldn't be.

It still doesn't change the fact that $30-40ish all inclusive pole transfers that are all the place ,,.13.00 for splicing tap, 14.00 fiber splices for a splicer Etc is too low for the volume of work and the way it is managed these days. At least for me anyways. But maybe it's great to some. Idk

I guess life is good havent missed too many meals .

Good luck to you

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