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Re: Race to the bottom

It is terrible some of these prices, I have seen. So bad in fact that many are almost comical, except that someone needs to work to feed their family, and keep their equipment maintained.

Every time I think prices have gotten as low as they can get, or the terms can;t get any harder or dumber, I am proven wrong and someone else has come up with screw you a little more,  and/or the hoops you must jump thru get smaller, or taller. 

If you are doing composite work today  for 30% less than you used to get 20 years ago for a line item with all the add ons being paid extra , Then you are the problem. If you keep giving yourself away, guess what it stay that way or get worse if you don't stop. We all have to make a living, but you are hurting yourself and others.  

 Don't work for people that treat you with no respect, constantly try to find fault with what you do by "supervisors"  who can't spell cable much less do your jobs.  Stop supporting companies that try to rob you by discounting your work. Be valued craftsmen, not just bodies or commodities. only work for companies that treat you as such.

A customer should be able to have what they want with regards to terms or specs, but they should expect to pay for it. If it is respectfully priced, with reasonable terms, go for it ! If not "Just Say No"

I have been told "I'm Jaded", maybe that is right /  ButI just think I want to make a living without being robbed and having a bunch of unneeded games, that hinder my ability to make a living. 

Good luck and be safe

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