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Re: Cheapo Fusion Machines

I have an Inno IFS-10 that I have used regularly over the last 5 years.  I also have a Fuji 60S and 70S in my arsenal (I work alone).  I have to admit, I am and always have been a Fuji guy.  It all started when the Fujikura FSM20-CSII first came out.  I bought the Inno to have as a backup in emergency situations.  It has been a very dependable splicer and I have about 9,000 splicers on it so far.

I have checked out a lot of other splicers at trade shows.  Most of them look like garbage.  A few servicable.  The Inno, in my opinion, is a GREAT backup splicer.  But it is hard to beat Fuji.

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