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Re: OCI/Black and Veatch

I’ve been a sub, been a prime, bonded jobs and I am retiring this year after 40 years. I have survived slow pay, no pay, hard paying companies, law suits, while paying all my bills, subs and payroll on time. My point was 90 days is stupid, unfair and a poor way to do business.  

IMHO the big National Contractors have middle management issues.  They try to make an uneducated linemen and/or ditch diggers managers. Most but not all can’t handle a desk job.  They are unorganized and reactive to problems that should have been foreseen.  I know of 1 man who was fired from 2 national contractors for lack of production. Then promoted the man under him that was no better. Point is, the best contractors are local, hands on owner operated that have a personal relationship with the owner of the project. Sad to say but that sort of relationship has been fading to the point of diminishment. 

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