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Re: OCI/Black and Veatch

B&V has been around for a long time, the were mostly prime for large international contracts...90 days is pretty typical for such companies, that is how they get their contracts.  Their customers don't want to be getting calls at the end of the month..(where the Money) like most small contractors do.  On Some of B&V large projects, they don't get paid until the end of the project, they are in to everything: Cable Fiber Gas Oil Electric Water Sewage Telephone Wind and Solar farms....all around the world.   You either work under their terms or …..move on.   It's just the way Mega Companies work....this is how  Mastec and Dycom get offering the customer 45-90 day payment...   It's the so called...if you can't run with the big dogs....just stay on the porch.   Just keep safe out there in what ever your doing.  MicroMan

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