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Re: Frontier Strike Work

Back in 1991 Myself and a couple of my techs crossed a picket line because your workers walked out on leaving a hot fiber optic project.  None of your workers...None of them knew how to splice the damn fiber, we had to splice/test/certify the project and get it back on your company did not loose it's end users.   When you walk shows you could care less about the end user, those who actually pay your checks.   I don't like to be called a Scab especially when NONE of your workers or staff knew anything about what you were trying to build.  I've been non union but I've also been IBEW and have an international CWA Contract and had to once become a USW and UAU to build fiber inside their plants.   Picket lines are only good for people like you, not the end users, not the companies, however if that's the line of work you desire....just keep safe.


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