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Re: NX Utilities?

Most Prime (OSP) contractors doing fiber work only do the outside work, they do bring the fiber tail inside to Hub site/CO.  The fiber must be grounded prior to doing the Inside plant portion.  (ISP)contractors take it from there or the customer does inside work there self.  If your tired of OSP type work then you might want to get with an ISP contractor where you usually work above the ceilings, thru fire walls, conduits, vents, beams and etc taking the fiber from where OSP terminated out to a intermediate Hub or work station.

If your tired of heat/cold/traffic/dogs/easements....then look into ISP work where it's 72 degree year around.  I've done it all fiber since 1977..ISP-OSP.   auto plants, steel mills, coal mines, hospitals, schools, prisons, long haul, point to point, loops, WAN, MAN, 

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