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Re: Bidding on Jobs

First you get yourself a company profile made up showing required liability insurance, break down of number of crews,  some require  contractor license, reference of pass jobs completed, a statement regarding your footprint-where your willing to work.   Send all this to home office of the company your trying to get on with, maybe with a little luck they will send you a bid proposal. Then the work do I bid the units rates, where do I get the required materials, do I have enough crews, what are the payment terms, do I really want to wait 30-45 days to get paid. does customer have all material on site, is there prints on site, do I work by phase/node, will my work be QC inspected on a timely basis.   List up: there are a hundred reasons, if your new to the trade, just get with a reputable prime contractor and work for them.... There is NO Set way of bidding,,,,you just bid as requested: Line Item/Lump Sum/Cost Plus/Not to Exceed $/ Aerial/ UG/ Splice/Tech/Proof/Certifiy/As Built.....Hope it helps, but I'm guessing it won't:        MicroMan

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