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Re: Butler

I heard they are not getting paid by GW communications. I was told that Butler lost a lot of area's to GW. GW came in and dropped the already low rates and now butler works under them in a lot of area's. But still basically brokering it out, since Butler doesn't have TRUE workers! Well they have a QC guy. LMFAO.  They send a QC guy out looking for all kinds of B.S. to charge you back. then when they do they take 50% of what you were paid.

Butler is also bullying smaller companies and making to VERY hard for them to leave. Especially when those small companies have others doing the work for them. I know this for a fact because the owner of one of these new small companies used to call me 10 times an hour.  But butler got in his head and well lets just say, Someone I really trusted for 4-5 year's, totally screwed me.

But any way Most of those workers for that small company. can't even speak English or act like they can't. I'd stay CLEAR away from Butler. I was personally told by ATT people that they have Many complaints against them from several managers because they have guys out working without badges and no Identification on their vehicles. 

I was also told the old contractor refused to sign their B.S. non compete. Companies like all of these are making it really hard for anyone to get work and get paid. Fairly and timely! 


So good luck to those working for those companies doing ATT work.  

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