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Re: Infinite communications

Hey Craig, all is good just living the dream. Hope you are too.

 I think what started this thread was someone doing work that didn't have a line item, soooo...... they didn't get paid.  I would still say NO ONE should ever work for free. Everyone has to make a living. and labor is the first place most companies try to reduce cost.  I have always been  outspoken, with regards to low/free pricing, deminishing  line items while reducing pricing or more commonly known as "composite pricing" whatever you want to call it.,  There are too many people willing to give "our" labor away so they can make their living.   Regardless of whether it's  the prime, the mso, your company, or mine. its wrong.  Quality contractors are getting harder to find, as they will not cut corners to make a living on poverty level pricing or work, they will go somewhere else or stay home. Good people need to be paid a far wage if they offer quality work.  And that needs to be discussed before the work is done, not after. There are too many crooks out there and any one that asks someone to work for nothing oe doesn't pay (myself included) is nothing but that, a crook.  Good to know this company isn't one of them.  It is good to know that you have had good results with this company. I  would trust your word and work for this company. 

I can honestly say I lost very little money  over the last 26 years. and by that I mean work by a agreed price for a work description. I have lost some due to crooks changing the description after the work was done or scratching off billable line items from a invoice.  But all that is good and its behind me  at least for now.  

Good to hear from you,

Be Safe and Good Luck 

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