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Re: 811 UG 50 state digging laws

The contract locators may be in trouble.  When I first heard of "contract locators" in the 80's, I didn't think it would work.  But it has up to now for the most part.  There are some great locators (machines and people) and some not so good locators (again machines and people).  On any given day some of the best and high dollar locating machines have been out preformed by the cheaper no name locators.  Sometimes locating in a high RF field is a real challenge.  Although in the minority in this industry, some of the best locators have been women.  They are very detailed.  I knew when they located it was as accurate as anyone could be.   

IMHO  trying to find good help being the biggest challenge for trades companies, they often take the only body that walks in the door, often the bottom of the barrel.  No one wants a hands on job where they can get dirty, hot, cold, or have to actually do something physical anymore.  They are looking for a job that puts them at a desk with a computer so they can surf all day, starts them at the top, with top pay and no responsibility.  Thus, less the a complete job............

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