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Money Talks and B/S walks !!!

Here is a story of what money can do to insure a quality jobs gets done on sch'd and within budget.   When  companies pay workers decent wages and provides proper safety equipment for the work task......then anything is possible..   Cable MSO's should learn from this and understand that cable contractors/worker also have families back home to support, home/car payments, debts.....  they need to be paid competitive rates as other trades. MSO's should learn from this event that any work task is possible...if the money is there for the workers.  My old saying holds true... (Bull S.... walks but  Money Talks)

This story is about a Major Gas/Oil company who had a pipeline explosion, they needed the pipelines replaced and safety restored.  So they brought in 13 contractors, all working within a 5 Sq mile area. The project consisted open trench of 45 mile of new plastic pipeline, 13 mile of requalified service pipeline, 8,000 meter, 10,300 dwellings and it all had to be done in 5 weeks.  There were some 396 crews on site, 800 pc's equipment, 1100 employee, each crew had an inspector to insure quality and safety.  To house the contractor crews, a passenger ship was brought in and parked in the harbor.   This is exactly how a such a major project should be handled...If you want the job done...Then pay the workers, have material on site and most important....Management and Contractors need to work together to insure a project is within a properly established budget and time line.            Just Get it Done: MicroMan


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