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Re: Old rates...same as today

If you could work 100 hrs on those figures that would be 1400 a week. wow you'd be rich!!  You will be tired enough you probably won't waste much or any on quality living.  Look at the money you'll save! That's kind of a joke, but its probably how some bean counter looks at it.

I never could ask people to lose money, so I could make my money.  That's part of the reason we quit with subs years ago. But so many don't mind the situation you are in as long as they make their money. SAD but that's the way many business's operate, in all industries.

Maybe there are too many hands, (or just someone who's hand is just too big) in your cookie jar?

It is sad, (I am presuming) when a honest,  hardworking people can't make a living. But if you keep giving your services away you will continue to have too.  I could've never fathomed that so many freebies would've have been added to our job billing code descriptions the whole the price was going down. But everything goes in cycles, and with all the work out there right now prices should be be better. We can't work for less than we did 20 years ago, and prosper. Actually you are probably making less than you did 20 years ago.

 We are all trying to make a living. I have rarely seen a time where a job that lasted more than 6 months, actually went that long without someone trying to readjust our price or job description cutting the subs and possibly the primes bottom line.  When you can't afford to keep your equipment serviced properly , and have a little quality of life, you may be working too cheap. There are too many figuring against you while, you are busting your tail trying to make a living. That's where all the money goes, and why it's hard for 1 man to make a honest living off his own back.  It's that way in every fashion of life.

  I have always thought prices,  all billable line item should be open and not hidden. If you are honest you have nothing to hide. To me .20 strand,.25 overlash, 30.00 composite pole transfers, .25 coax splicing, <15. fiber splices are really too low unless it is managed so well you can really get some production numbers. Good companies should want you to be happy and make a profit,  most would do a better job for them. Although the hacks and fly by nighters would still sham, regardless of how they are treated or what they are paid.

You aren't doing yourself or any tradesmen a favor for working too cheap, but you have to do what you have to do. Try to stay positive although its hard.  Good luck and hang in there, and although they are few a far between anymore, there are still good companies to work for ! 

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