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Wreck out of abandoned power lines

To my fellow dawgs,


I've been out of the industry for about a decade now, my old broken down body could not take it anymore.  Such as life, I've moved on to other things but still miss the hell out of construction.  I am currently oil field trash (a landman, I buy land for oil companies).  Did I mention that I miss building cable?


My current situation is that I have one landowner that will sign the deal with no consideration (payment) if I can wreck out just over two miles of abandoned braided aluminum power lines (three lines per run) and about 60 poles cut flush at the ground and haul it off his property.  Cut flush I can salvage about 30 to 35 feet of old half decent poles.  Does anyone need a lot of 30' poles?  I'll let them go for next to nothing, I just need to get rid of them, however, I live in west Texas and you will have to come and pick them up.  If not then they will just go to waste on the ranch.


My question to all of you great guys is this.  Giving the current rate of wreck out of a single line and removing the hardware, I keep the salvage.  What is the current typical standard going price per foot for the wreck out of a single line (good old coax) and as well as removing the poles?  My last wreck out job about 15 years ago I was getting $0.10/foot, single line, strand and coax with no salvage.  I'm not too keen on power lines.


Unloading the aluminum is no problem, there is a recycling plant in my town and I can unload that in no time.  


Any thoughts or ideas about this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me on this.


God bless,


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