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Sumitomo Q102-M12 Kit for Sale



Certified Check or Bank Wired Funds


Practically New ; Sumitomo Fusion Splicer Q102-M12- Kit -6RM1, Sumitimo Cleaver FC-6RM, Sumitomo Thermal Jacket Remover JR-6+
Purchased Oct. 7, 2021 Warranty Valid thru Oct. 6, 2024
Machine will arrive at Sumitomo in Raleigh, NC on Monday Oct. 17, 2022 for Refurbishment and Complete calibration. Certificate will be endorsed by Sumitomo once finished.

Less than 50 burns on machine.

Sumitomo Electric USA
201 S. Rogers Ln.
Raleigh, NC. 27610


Ernest Cossou

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