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Fiber splicing package



Cash or cashiers check in person.


Here is every tool you need to set up a fiber lab for total success, minus the trailer. The ribbon splicer is older, but it’s fully refurbished and works great. Everything else is high quality and in great condition. As of right now I will not sell pieces individually, I prefer to sell it all as a package. Below is a list of everything, and what the average price is on the used market.

Sumitomo Q101-CA full kit - $10,500
-AFL/Fujikura 30R full kit w/hot jacket stripper- $2,500
-EXFO FTB1-720 OTDR w/iOLM -$7,500
-Fujikura Ribbonizing tool full kit - $900
-EXFO LFD-200 traffic stick single and ribbon   - $1,800
-Draka Comteq RAUCUT-1 - $850
-CT30 cleaver set up for single - $750
-CT30 cleaver set up for ribbon - $750
-Micro Strip MS-2-L- precision stripper $200
-Cable Sheath Cutter PCI 10923 $175
-Midspan splitter 6.2mm & 7.9mm - $900
-Jonard drop splitter tool $40
-Greenlee hand tool kit $600
-three spare sets of chucks FH-60-250 & FH-60-900 & Ribbon $325 each.

I’m sure you can do the math.. this is an incredible value for everything that’s included. I’m happy to provide SN’s and other specific details for serious inquiries only. Feel free to call or text at reasonable hours.


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