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Trilithic Signal Level Meters for sale



6 new Trilithic "M3 Plus" meters for sale. Paid 998.00 willing to sale for $600.00 each, or all 6 for $500.00 each.


5 MHz to 1 GHz Frequency Range
¦¦ Full Scan, Single Channel, and
Spectrum Modes; ¦¦ Data Logging; ¦¦ Digital Signal Measurements: Power,
MER, Pre- and Post-FEC BER, (Including Deep Interleave; ¦¦ Constellation Display; ¦¦ Dual Operation Mode.

The Model Three signal level
meter supports a variety of
functions, including:
¦¦ Level measurement
¦¦ Tilt/Favorite group display
¦¦ Single-Channel display
¦¦ Scan display
¦¦ Spectrum display
¦¦ Digital channel measurements
¦¦ Data logging
¦¦ Limit test
¦¦ Auto-Test
¦¦ Voltmeter function
¦¦ Hum measurement
¦¦ Saves measurement files for
viewing or uploading to optional
ToolBox software


x x x x Canceled/Expired Listing x x x x

listed • expires
classified listing #5341 • tiny link