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1988 Ford Super Duty (7.3 L Telsta A28 C)



Cash at pickup, paypal, or wire transfer before pickup.


Pictures should be clear. Here are the facts; 1. The Bucket quit working about 6 Days after I purchased the truck; no idea why or how. 2. After using the truck for 2 weeks, I brought it back to Ohio and parked it beginning in Sept 2011. 3. Front end needs fixed because the truck will violently shake if you hit a dip in the road at a high enough speed. 3. The rear fuel tank needs a proper bracket. Both fuel tanks work and do not leak, but I only used the front until I was able to get the rear tank supported. 4. The speedometer works intermittently and the part that goes into the transmission is hard to find from what I was told. 5. The evening before the bucket stopped working, I had carefully cleared out some sticks and dead grass from inside the turret (mouse nest or something). The following day I had no bucket. Tried to use a different hot wire and wire the upper controls only, but nothing. A large equipment garage attempted to troubleshoot the wiring/relays, but stopped after limited progress. I don't believe they had the knowledge to fix this truck but they claimed they did. 6. The motor runs strong, but sometimes the temp gauge shows it getting hot. Never stalled or not started though; don't know if the gauge is accurate. 7. A couple of the bins need sheet metal cut out and replaced. 8. The bucket worked well for the few times I was able to use it. 9. I just put 2 new heavy duty Batteries in. 10. I can provide the receipt for the work I had done after purchase (around $700). 11. Tires are fair to good. After almost 3 years, only 2 tires were about half low.

If someone knew how to fix the A28 C, this would be a decent truck for a person to work with. The bins were setup for phone, so it has the 2 long sliding drawer style bins on the passenger front side. I can help with any other details for whatever I may have missed. Thanks for considering. I paid too much initially, but I'm asking about 35% of what I have in the truck. Hope this is fair


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