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Fiber Optic Fusion Machines and Test Equipment

North Carolina


Certified Check plus shipping.


1. Sumitomo Type 65 Ribbon Splicer ($7400.00)
2. Siecor Cleaver ($800.00)
3. Turbotest 500 Automatic Light insertion units - ($1200.00)

Sumitomo Type 65 has been completely rebuilt and upgraded. It comes with two thermal strippers and late model cleaver. Backed by a 3 year warranty by Sumitomo starting at 12-13-12.

Siecor Diamond Blade Cleaver. I paid $2700 for it years ago

Noyes Turbotesters. Great for FTTP. Lets you know when you have continuity then tests bilaterally on nm. Will do ORL also. It has a talk circuit with two head sets. They are equivalent to EXFO 920's

If you have any questions call me but please not after 8 pm EST


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