Power Supply & Cable building and wreck out.

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Full-time Employee



Western Kentucky

Starting Date


Pay Rate & Details

Production Base. Will talk more about pay later.


Lineman and Ground hands. About any kind of cable experience will work. Willing to learn new things as well.

Other Requirements

Must have vehicle to get back and forth. Will proved truck to work out of. Unless you subcontract and proved all tools and truck plus insurance. If you have tools great. If not we will proved you with tools.

Job Description

We build and activate power supplies. Both under ground and aerial. Have multiple countys to wreckout cable for local cable company. Also have plenty of maintance work to be done as well to keep you busy year round. AS well as fiber and strand construction.

Contact Information

Jarad Champlin Jordan Champlin
618-663-2350 618-663-2443

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Listed: 4/23/2019
Expires: 7/22/2019