Looking for Subs to bid AT&T in all Texas

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



All of Texas including DFW, Midland/Odessa, Houston, San Antonio, all of East and West Texas areas

Starting Date


Pay Rate & Details

Price per Bid. Pay is every Friday with marked prints, approval of any supplement and a mandatory supervisor written approval.


Must be able to read AT&T prints and have all underground knowledge. Must be familiar with all traffic control set up, at least one English speaking person per crew, and must be able to communicate with Metro supervisors on a daily basis.

Other Requirements

Must provide all insurance and workers comp, must have your own equipment, must have your company magnets/signs on each piece of equipment along with Contractor for Metro and provide daily updates via text or email. All bid jobs will be scanned and sent to each sub with PO sheet with details and prints. All prices are due back by noon the day before bid is due. Most bids or due on Tue and Thur by 8:00am.

Job Description

Must call in all locates and forward all documentation to Metro Supervisors, Pothole and hand dig per At&t and City standards, Must have knowledge of bore machines and missiles. Must set up Traffic control as needed or required. Must be able to look at and bid job accordingly.

Contact Information

text 903-450-6400
text ricky 214-535-2202

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Listed: 4/10/2019
Expires: 7/9/2019