Traveling Aerial Lineman Repair and Construction

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



Starting Date


Pay Rate & Details

Piece Rate and some hourly


Experienced in all Areas of Mainline , Must know Height and clearance specs , Must carry Liability and Work Comp or be exempt . This is a 1099 position

Other Requirements

Must have Bucket truck and all tools required to due Repair and Maintenance , Must be able to travel for long periods of time and be self sufficient

Job Description

This is long term work! We are the Prime , we need a minimum of 4 more trucks to add to our crew, We have been asked to take on a lot more work , If you bring a crew up under you your rate will be higher , We are traveling throughout Oregon and Southeast Washington repairing violations , all billing is pre-approved , you can work 7 days a week sun up to sun down , make as little or as much as you want rates are above average, only quality minded and honest Lineman will succeed , work needs to be done right the first time , work is 100% inspected. Leave contact info for more details ,
Rural Oregon and some S.E Washington

Contact Information

Leave msg thru the Cable Bar with contact info including phone # , we will only provide in depth details if you leave a phone #

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Listed: 3/27/2019
Expires: 6/25/2019