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Contract Employee




Starting Date

Upon successful application process

Pay Rate & Details

Call for rates. $1000 Sign on Bonus


Other Requirements

Need own vehicle. Android smart phone required. Laptop may be required

Job Description

Wiseconnect is seeking a Copper Cable Splicer in Blackstone, VA

-$1000 Sign On Bonus-

The Copper Cable Splicer must possess the necessary skills, tools and test equipment to perform functions including splicing, testing of all types of existing and newly constructed copper facilities.

Necessary skills include, but are not limited to:

• Rearranging all outside plant facilities (i.e.: cable throws)
• Perform functions including splicing, testing (including pair continuity), count verification, of all types, sizes and gauges of existing and or newly constructed Plastic Insulated Conductors (PIC) and Paper/Pulp Insulated, color-coded and non-color coded cables, which's includes but not limited to: Ability to fully work with all underground (Manhole) types of cable facilities
• Placing and testing pressurized and non-pressurized closures on all types and sizes of cable. Place, splice and test all types and sizes of load coils, cross connect cabinets, and building entrance protectors
• Possess sufficient skill level to effectively place pressure system buffering equipment, when required
• Rearranging all outside plant facilities (i.e.: cable throws). Pair identification and tagging (tone or battery method).
• Read, comprehend and perform all facets of DSL/VDSL provisioning/testing
• Splicing, test and acceptance of T-carrier routes for digital concentrators and toll facilities
• Test and acceptance of Special Service/Design Services (digital carrier units, analog and digital circuits).
• Read, comprehend, and correct information on cable prints and throw sheets
• Preparation of all job related work reports (time sheets, corrected cable plans and throw sheets, material sheets.)
• Must be available to work flexible hours. Weekend work may be required
• Must pass background check and drug test

-Paid Weekly-


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Contact Information

Please contact Pat Punteney at 360-391-2982

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Listed: 3/21/2019
Expires: 6/19/2019