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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


North Carolina, South Carolina

Greenville, SC - Hickery, NC - Ashville, NC - Columbia, SC - Myrtle Beach, SC - Florence, SC

Starting Date

Ass soon as Background and Drug Screen is completed, and badge received.

Pay Rate & Details

1099, Highest Rates per market. This varies on markets. Call for details!


Must have: Truck, SUV, or VAN, Tools and Safety Gear. Knowledge of cable installations and experience!

Other Requirements

Must be able to pass an extensive background check and drug test, is only allowed 48 hours to take drug screen or badge is denied by the client. Must pass Background that goes back 15 years!

Job Description

-Experience in the industry is a plus!
-Excellent Communication and Problem-Solving Skills
-Ability to maneuver and climb ladders (75 lbs.) and work on heights in various conditions
-Ability to work outside in diverse locations and weather extremes
-Basic knowledge or Equivalent work experience!
-Valid Driver's License
-Social Security Card
-Ability to pass drug screen and industry-standard background check
-Pick up Truck, Van, Sized SUV!

We will provide:
-Truck is Rental when available! (Call for Details)
-Tools program available (Call for Details)
-Shareable Stay! (Call for Details)
-Gas is on you!

-Ongoing instruction to keep you up to speed on cutting-edge Broadband technology
-Materials and security tools

If you are ready to work for a company that will give you what you need to succeed, email your resume or give us a call TODAY. For more information and Price List please contact us.

Contact Information

please call or text - (904) 666-2492

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Listed: 3/8/2019
Expires: 6/6/2019