Looking for directional drill operator locator

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



Starting Date

Late March to early April.

Pay Rate & Details

I am willing to pay up to $4 per foot using my equipment.


Must have own 3/4 ton truck or larger. experience operating/locating, and running a small crew.

Other Requirements

Iā€™m looking for someone with experience in underground. I can provide JT-5 (2012), locator, trailer, water system, materials, and workload. I need you to provide ability, a truck, and insurance (I can help you get) If you are looking to turn the corner in your career and become a sub contractor, we can help each other. All of my work is in Minnesota starting in the spring. I am willing to start our partnership earlier if you want to start working in southern (non frozen) states.

Job Description

This job is all things underground. This is not a large operation requiring a parade of machinery. Efficiency and work ethic required.
Work is all over Minnesota. Can expand to non frozen ground if we start earlier than spring.

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Listed: 1/6/2019
Expires: 4/6/2019