Technical Site Survey Technician

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Contract Employee


Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia

Richmond, VA, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania

Starting Date

Upon successful application process

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• 1-3 years Telecom experience • Knowledge of the Nokia Newelo software

Other Requirements

You must have your own vehicle and tools including a laptop and smartphone

Job Description

WiseConnect is hiring Telecom TSS (Technical Site Survey) Technicians with a minimum of 1+ years of experience.

Project locations: Richmond, VA, Maryland, Delaware and PA

Day-to-day duties for survey technicians vary depending on the location and size of the Sprint Sites they survey and the geographical and man-made features found on-site. However, these core tasks are commonly associated with this job:

- Take Pictures
Survey technicians take pictures and field measurements.

- Measure Distances
Survey technicians measure distances between specific components and record this data so it can be entered into surveying software programs.

- Maintain Equipment and Vehicles
Survey technicians clean and maintain equipment to ensure it remains in good working order. This includes replacing parts, tools, and equipment as necessary. They also keep their personal vehicle in good working order and well supplied with gas and/or electricity.

- Write Survey Reports
Survey technicians write detailed reports using information gathered from site surveys.

• 1-3 years Telecom experience
• Knowledge of the Nokia Newelo software
• Candidate is expected to be a self-starter, ability to perform duties with only limited supervision and be a cooperative team player
• Surveyed proposed fiber optic and power cable routes for the telecom and cellular communications
• Perform on-site surveys which include visual observation, photographs of various conditions and taking measurements
• Prepare reports and documents; work with inside team
• Electronically upload reports, documents and photos to company database
• Adhere to all safety requirements and regulations

You must have your own vehicle and tools including a laptop and smartphone

**Travel is required**

Candidates must successfully pass Background and Drug Screen to be considered

Contact Information

Contact Dawn Horton at 702-850-2352 or Email

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Listed: 11/29/2018
Expires: 2/27/2019