Mandatory Swap

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



PG County/ and surrounding counties

Starting Date


Pay Rate & Details

$500 per sale


At least 1 year of door to door experience

Other Requirements

Must have transportation. A tablet is helpful but not mandatory

Job Description

This job is similar to a mandatory box swap. f you have experience working door to door campaigns this is the the best sales job in the country. Here's why. Our product has a mandatory change out date of January 1st 2020. We are a full service HVAC company specializing in new system upgrades. In our industry any system that was installed before 2007 has a refrigerant type called R-22. The Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) deemed that refrigerant bad for the ozone layer so it is being Phased out of the market. This is known as the R-22 Phase out, you can google it. What does this mean? It means anyone with a R- 22 system has until January1st 2020 to upgrade to a new 410-A system or they will be breaking the law. In other words this is a mandatory upgrade. If I have to spell it out any further then this job is not for you. If you have any door to door experience then you should know that this job is a goldmine. Your only job is to inform home owners of the R-22 Phase out and schedule an appointment. We will do the rest.

Contact Information

Cancelled/Expired Listing
Listed: 10/29/2018
Expires: 1/27/2019