Fiber Pullers and Aerial Construction Full Time

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Full-time Employee



Chicagoland Area

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Pay Rate & Details

Pay is based upon years of experience. We offer Medical, Vision, and Dental insurance. Company vehicle included and will be home garaged at your residence pending approval of location.


Valid Drivers License is a must. Must have at least 1 year experience in aerial and fiber construction or be willing to learn a new trade. Must be able to operate a bucket truck and work with hydralic fiber pullers. Must be willing to work heights in excess of 20 feet and carry an extention ladder.

Other Requirements

All tools and vehicle will be provided. The vehicle that is provided to you for company use can be home garaged (pending location approval). Must be willing to work with hydraulic fiber pullers and commercial air compressors. Must be willing to work overtime if called upon.

Job Description

The job requires you to pull various fiber optic cables through confined spaces such as manholes and handholes. This candidate will also be required to pull fiber optic cables through buildings, hub sites and lash aerial applications.

We are a family organization and we take care of our employees that takes care of Matrix Engineering customers. We are a growing company with many Prime Contracts and looking to expand our footprint. We are looking for hard working individuals that want to be part of something special and enjoy the place they work at. Fiber Optics is a thriving business and will require great employees to keep the industry growing. This is the right job for you!


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Listed: 10/18/2018
Expires: 1/16/2019