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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor



Philadelphia , Pittsburgh

Starting Date


Pay Rate & Details

Highest Price on the Market HOTEL PAID and Referral Bonus 500$


We are looking for experienced technicians but are willing to train qualified candidates. Must have dedication to your metrics!

Other Requirements

We are looking for professional technicians who have the equipment needed to complete the jobs in a professional and timely manner. We can provide a vehicle and tools to candidates we feel will compliment our company. We are looking for professional technicians who have the equipment needed to complete the jobs in a professional and timely manner. Must have clean and professional appearance

Job Description

MoldCable Inc is an established and well-respected cable installation firm, We are seeking 1099's cable technicians in our locations. Our firm is working in 26 States, Giving the opportunity for 1099'S cable techs to stay busy year-round!

We welcome new members in joining our winning TEAM! We expect and DEMAND the very best from our technicians as well as our management staff. We lead by example and prove that hard work pays off. With MoldcableINC. you not only can have an opportunity for a terrific job, but development for your future as well. We are also looking for qualified techs in our other markets as well....

Pennsylvania(Philadelphia,Pittsburgh) (Comcast)
San Francisco(Comcast)
Chicago (Comcast)
Washington D.C. (Comcast)
Ohio(Cincinnati) (Spectrum)
West Virginia (Sudden link)
New York(ENTIRE STATE) (Cable vision,Spectrum)
California (Direct TV)
Alabama (Birmingham) (Spectrum)
Maine (Spectrum)
Massachusetts(Boston) (Comcast)
New Hampshire (Comcast, MetroCast)
New Jersey(Atlantic City, Jersey city) (Comcast)
Oregon(Portland) (Comcast)
Utah(Salt Lake City) (Comcast)
Virginia(Richmond,Fredericksburg) (Comcast)
Washington State(Seattle) (Direct TV,Comcast)
Maryland(Baltimore) (Comcast)
Texas(Dallas, San Antonio) (Spectrum,UG)
South Carolina(Columbia, Myrtle Beach) (Spectrum)
North Carolina(Charlotte,Raleigh) (Spectrum)
Indiana(Indianapolis) (Spectrum)
Kentucky(Louisville) (Spectrum)

Contact Information

Sean (206) 291-2305
CORPORATE OFFICE: (856) 375-2093
EAST DIVISION: (609) 401-0663
SOUTH DIVISION: (609) 401-0942
WEST DIVISION: (609) 401-0670

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Listed: 10/12/2018
Expires: 1/10/2019