1300-2000$/week NY, FL, MO, NC , IN

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Preferred Hiring Terms

Independent Contractor


Florida , Indiana , Missouri, New York, North Carolina

Bronx, Long Island, Brooklyn NY; Tampa FL, Indianapolis IN, St. Louis MO; NC

Starting Date

Immediately after passing background and drug screening!!!

Pay Rate & Details

ask the pay rates for the location you are interested in. E-mail:


Prime Network INC is looking for experienced individuals. Willing to train the right candidates. We are working corp to corp as well !!!

Other Requirements

Truck or van. Tools of the trade. Meter is recommended but not required , meter lease available.

Job Description

Our commitment to our employees is reflected by our actions.
*Stable year-round job;
*opportunity to grow with company;
*a weekly income expectation of 1200-2000$
*BONUS for good results and team development;
*flexible work schedule

We are currentely working with companies such as Spectrum, Optimum, Comcast …

Prime Network is paying TOP $
As a Contractor you will receive a weekly reverse invoice detailing all of your codes. Direct deposit!!!

Contact Information

(267)469-1530- Dorian
(603)716-3065- Marcel

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Listed: 9/24/2018
Expires: 12/23/2018