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Independent Contractor




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Price sheet(Everything I$ Stackable)Nothing is included! Certain concessions will be made for groups with 10 or more members with there own truck. Invoice is 14 days out then weekly. Housing covered (double occupancy).


Must be experienced in all lines of the CATV industry. Video, HSD, Voice, commercial experience is helpful. Jones NCTI certifications is a plus. Good communication skills are necessary. Pride in workmanship and full knowledge of industry products is required.

Other Requirements

Sub contractors are required to have a truck or suv. Trucks for rent are limited. All applicants should have there own tools and safety gear. Sub contractors are required to have a meter and smart phone.

Job Description

Install cable TV, standard, HDTV, and DVR cable boxes and cable modems for high speed internet access to include setting up home computers with appropriate software or other technologies as defined by customer needs. When and where offered for sale in the cable system, VoIP installations may also be a part of the portfolio of skills and responsibilities. Ensures all project standards and procedures as required by customer are met. Performs New Connects, Reconnects, Disconnects, Additional outlets, installs and/or removes Converters. Performs upgrades and downgrades of service, and removal of traps. Performs customer drop installations (exterior and interior) complete from Tap to TV location. Analyzes picture quality and judges acceptability of picture delivered following installation of cable service. Measures signal levels.

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Listed: 9/17/2018
Expires: 12/16/2018